Frequently Asked Questions

We did the best we could to make sure our instructions are clear, but if something doesn't make sense or the "hatch just blew" then take a look thru these Frequently Asked Questions.

Why do I have to set a passcode on my phone?
When you login to view a trip, you have the option of allowing your user ID and password to be stored on your device to make future logins easy and automated. To make sure that your credentials stay secret and secure, your device must have a strong passcode set. If it does not, then you cannot save your credentials and you will have to type them every time to view a trip from CWA.
How do I actually bid??
To bid on trip, tap one of the buttons that lists the trip value either straight or premium. This will fill in the Messages text field with the SWOTA value like "SWOTA123456 P" just as if you had typed it yourself except that this number will not have typos and the proper "S" or "P" will be appended. Then tap the green arrow to send the bid. This is simply sending that code back via the normal text message system built into the phone. This is how SWA designed the system. We do nothing tricky except making sure you have the right letters and numbers.
Can I change my bid via text?
No. The way SWA setup the system, it only "sees" the first bid that gets sent back via text message. If you bid it Premium and then change your mind, you MUST login to CWA to record a Straight time bid. If you try and send a second text bid with an "S" instead of a "P", the system will ignore it.